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Lectures & Express

Lectures and / or workshops for your school, your business or institution.

Among the themes available:


"(Web)customer Relationship Management";      

"Empathy as Investment for Your Business";   

"What can you do for your customers?";     

"Communication and marketing for individual microenterprises ";     

"Understanding the creative process";      

"Audiovisual for web", among other subjects.

Intelectual Encounters

You can also choose among the topics bellow and we will have a meeting (a chat) through individual teleconference in Portuguese and /or English.

The meeting is a lecture about some of my research interests and in which I have 20 years of academic experience that I can share with you.


Among the topics suggested:    


"How to watch a movie";    

"The filmic language";    

"Bauman´s Liquid Love";

"Susan Sontag and the


"Caravaggio, Vermeer and Rembrandt for Photographers ";   "Creative Photography Process";

A History of Photojournalism";

"Amour Fou in the movies: three cases (entourage)";     "Censorship and Transgression in Hollywood Cinema";    

 "Classic Hollywood: when cinema loved women";    

 "Seeing - more than Looking: Perception for Photographers ";     

"An Artistic History of the Body";  

"A History of the body in the West World";

 "A History of Sex";    

"A History of Orgasm"; etc

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