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Five years ago I filled my first bag of 100 liters of junk that i gathered from the beach.  I pick up some of the various souvenirs that - a awful inheritance - tourists and locals left on the beach - from syringes, condoms, shards of glass, sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, aluminum kettles, kitchen´s parts; to paper plates, 20 liter water bottles,  kids toys, paper of all kinds, bags, cigarette packs,  (car/bike) pieces  etc, etc, etc.

I take several bags and if I gathered too much trash that certain day, I leave the black or yellow packages shining in the sun. Than  I pick them up by car and give them the correct destination.

At a second moment...

Eventually the garbage possess a name - althought most (plastic) is anonymous. I send, sometimes, e-mails to the companies which are responsible for that material asking about their reverse logistic or the advertising campaigns they need to promote fot their consumer awareness (and, unfortunatelly, no matter the country, most of companies, dont even  answer my emails, I must say)

This is a volunteer project - and  I have to make ends meet :) -  that ´s why i still have more then 4000 trash pictures to upload. Besides,  I prefer to remove that   awful antagonist of that wonderful scenario, than post pictures...


Aesthetic concept​

This images differ greatly from the language I use in documental, commercial, fine art or abstrative work.


It´s a raw material. It´s reckless, with no commitment. It´s trash on a beach.  But, I am producing a serie of photographs using adverstising photography techniques to finance the project, without loosing the  documental photography approach,  in this case with an imaginary bias, as proposed by Katia Hallack.

In the imaginary photodocumentary, language moves from traditional subjects and conventions, seeking a more intimate appeal and the freedom of expression.

 The result of this action you see, unfortunately, in the images posted on Tumblr Brief Inventory.

© 2014  Viviane Rodrigues © Todos os direitos reservados.
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