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The human body is a political entity. Owner of multiple meanings, it traveled a hard and ambiguous historical path.


Merleau - Ponty explains that until the late nineteenth century, specialists believed the human body was a piece of matter - a bundle of mechanisms. It was just in the twentieth century that there was a different appropriation of the flesh.

The force of scientific discourse, Le Breton says, had transformed the body into a kind of  support to the personality, a raw material in which it dilutes (and sometimes suffocates) the person´s identity.

I like to reflect (imagetically) on these issues/questions that, also - I am perfectly aware -  are overflowed with erotic (or pornographic?) meanings, its confrontations and transgressions.

I believe those are aspects truly surreptitious in art (and life) - and an external manifestation of the comotions the adult human body (re)produce.   


For that I´ve  had always   been  interested in the sociological, artistic, philosophial concepts of what makes a body being improper to some societies.  Because: could the human body ever be innapropriate ? 

I am curios because, yet, people get distressed toward the issues the human flesh   awake - not only medically, but  sexually, socially, emotionally.​

My project seeks to act, reading and capturing the flesh as  an element of humanity e equalness among the diversity.


For that I capture the naked  body. I fog, intertwine, naturalize it. Because, I can see that, even in the geographic space of ourselves, the human body keep telling  about what individualizes us most, and what  undeneably approximate us: as humans. 

I photograph solo and couples, from differents social classes and backgrounds, countries, sexual orientantions - to show different angles and experiences of been a person.

In detailed plans, often in closed shots - with high ISOs and no pos-edition - I see people with other eyes. Less discreet and more benign - navigating between eroticism and pornography concepts. 

 All of this because, Merleau-Ponty was, once more, right. He said the human body is a work of art and its language is pure poetry.

I call this project "Aesthesis" .

You can find here, a short list with bibliographic references on the subject.

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